glow in the dark collars
glow in the dark collars

Handmade Parachord Glow in the dark Collars

$ 16.95

Glow in the dark Collars for Cats or small Dogs. Collars are hand woven with special Glow in the dark Paracord making a very strong and durable collar for your pets. The cats collar uses a lite version of the parachord and includes a breakaway buckle, the lite version simply is the filament chords within the parachord removed which makes a lighter more comfortable collar for cats. While the small dogs collar uses the original parachord which includes a standard plastic buckle and D-ring. Collars are available in 1 or two colors. Main Glow in the dark colors are green, yellow and lite blue. A second edging color available is Black, Red and Blue. Edging colors do not glow in the dark but have reflective speckles to reflect light.

Collars are approximately 3/4 inches wide. To measure your pets neck simply use a fabric tape measure and take a measurement between pets ears and shoulder blades with 1 finger space between the measuring tape and your pets skin. A string can also be used, mark where the string ends meet when measuring your pet and then stretch the string against a ruler to get the length between marks.

Note: Glow in the Dark material needs to be exposed to a direct light to activate the glowing material, the glow time is dependent on intensity of light exposure and length of time exposed.  The reflective Edging chords will reflect oncoming lights. A collar with both materials will add safety to your pet being seen at night.