After Two Years, She Thought Her Cat Was Gone Forever...Then She Saw This Photo

I enjoy my felines more than practically anything on the planet.

If one of them went missing, I do not know what I ‘d do with myself. Sadly, Susan Zelitsky lived this headache when her hubby let their cherished feline Jimmy outside for a bit around 2 and a half years earlier. Typically, he would return in when she called, however this time he didn’t. She and her household were sad and they believed he was gone permanently.

Simply last month, after a blizzard rocked the Northeast, a roaming tabby was taken in by the West Milford Animal Shelter. He was well-groomed and neutered, so they believed he may have an owner.

They paid to have cats pictures marketed on Facebook, where they were seen 27,000 times and shared more than 600 times. She believed it could not potentially be Jimmy when Zelitsky saw them in her newsfeed.

She connected to the shelter anyhow and visited him. Jimmy strolled right up to her and rubbed his head against her and she knew without a doubt it was him.

Facebook / Lost West Milford Pets

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