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Image copyright Hugh Wigmore
Image caption Hugh Wigmore wants to recommend owning a cat to all men after his experience with Nigel
Cat ownership rise driven by men, survey suggests

Felines might have currently taken control of the web, now they are taking the hearts of UK guys, a study states.

The Animal Food Manufacturers’ Association stated the variety of family pet felines in the nation has actually increased by 500,000 to reach 8 million in the previous year.

The increase was owned by one million more guys getting a feline buddy, the PFMA, which talked to 8,000 families, states.

Celeb feline owners, such as Russell Brand and Ed Sheeran, might have likewise affected the brand-new family pet owners, it states.

About 17% of guys in the UK now own a feline, up from 13% in 2016, in accordance with the study.

Hugh Wigmore resides in London with his feline Nigel Harmsworth.

“I like having a feline due to the fact that we have loads in common,” stated Hugh. “We both enjoy cuddles, jelly and the outdoors!

“We get on very well. I ‘d certainly suggest it to other people. Nigel is great.”

Sam Sahota went above and beyond, embracing 3 newborn kittycats which had actually been discarded in a dustbin, in spite of a veterinarian stating they had no chance of survival.

Image copyright Sam Sahota
Image caption Sam Sahota’s kittens are now all grown up

“I had always been a pet dog male, however when my associate discovered a box with 3 kittycats in it, my natural impulse was to save them from certain death,” he stated.

” I fed them milk from syringes, I positioned a clock under their blanket to reproduce the heart beat of their mom and invested hours a day raising them.”

Now Sam loves owning felines.

“The important things I like most is how lively they are,” he included. “Their interest, the love they reveal which is genuine, unlike a canine.

“Cats do not need the attention a dog does but when it gives you attention is not false. They select who they want to be with.”

“Felines do not require the attention a canine does however when it offers you attention it’s not false. They pick who they wish to be with.”

James Copeman, from Canterbury, stated having felines made his home “feel complete” and likes coming home to his 2, Miles and Keiko, waiting at the door.

Image copyright James Copeman
Image caption James Copeman loves having Keiko the cat at home

“We never ever had animals when I was young so it’s something I have actually constantly desired,” he stated. “They constantly appear to understand when you require a little attention after a bad day.

“I’d definitely recommend it but you have to be prepared for the wake up calls, smelly litter trays and scratched furniture!”

“I ‘d absolutely suggest it however you need to be ready for the awakening calls, stinky litter trays and scratched furnishings!”

Mike Brooks, from Nottingham, has 3 felines and enjoys them as pets.

“I got a cat because I have always had cats since I was a child and they’re wonderful creatures,” he said.

” I got a feline since I have actually constantly had felines throughout my childhood and they’re terrific animals,” he stated.

“They’re adorable, normally cuddly (if you appreciate their wishes), usually low-maintenance, and there is absolutely nothing more gratifying than the purr of a delighted feline.”

Image copyright Mike Brooks
Image caption Mike Brooks gets a lot of love from his cat Nimbus

Michael Bellingham, CEO of PFMA, stated: “Family pet ownership is a gratifying experience for everybody. It’s terrific to see that males are understanding the big advantages of family pets with a boost in feline ownership in this sector.”

The most popular family pet in the UK is fish – 33 million are kept in tanks and ponds around the nation – followed by canines at 8.5 million.

There are likewise 900,000 bunnies, 700,000 family pet birds, 700,000 reptiles, 600,000 domestic fowl, 500,000 guinea pigs and 300,000 hamsters.

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