Hero Cat Pounds On Door, Saves Owners From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A fluffy brown tabby feline is being hailed as a hero cat after she informed her human household to alarmingly high levels of carbon monoxide gas in their house last month.

Annette Shanahan of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, informed Madison.com today that around 1 a.m. on Feb. 4, she felt weak, disoriented and ill and got up from bed, collapsing into a chair in the bed room.

Her other half, Kevin, stated he would have slept through it if it weren’t for the household feline, Gracie.

Suddenly I heard Gracie, I heard she was pounding, knocking, knocking, knocking at the door, he informed regional news channel WREG. Therefore I rose from bed to stop her from pounding at the door, and I saw to my left that Annette was in the chair.Gracie does not normally attempt to enter into the bed room, so the pounding was out of place for her, the couple stated.

They were hardly able to call 911 to inform them they could not breathe. When assistance gotten here, the firemen found fatal carbon monoxide gas levels in the house, which was later on credited to a warm water heating unit breakdown.

They both credit Gracie with saving their lives and is undoubtedly a hero cat.

Without her clearly we would not be here, Annette Shanahan informed Madison.com.

Katy Nelson, a vet who hosts The Family pet Program with Dr. Katy, informed HuffPost that carbon monoxide gas will impact a feline much faster than a bigger human. That indicates that Gracie was most likely in a much better aerated area, or in a space with much better air quality, when the event occurred.

The signs of [carbon monoxide gas] poisoning in animals resembles that of individuals, and as little as the cat is, she would’ve certainly been impacted by it earlier, so I need to think she was someplace with much better aerated air, Nelson stated in an e-mail.

Fortunately, Gracie along with the Shanahans other 2 felines likewise endured the carbon monoxide gas leakage unharmed.

CBS Philly
American hero.

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