Keeping Cats as Pets

Keeping Cats as Pets

Cats are low maintenance pets when compared to many other domestic pets. If all the family members work full-time, another cat should be brought into the family so as to provide company for the first one. Young cats, especially should not be left alone for long periods of time as that will affect the psychological growth of the animal.

Cats could be left outside because they are very inquisitive by nature and like to wander outdoors. According to a research, cats that are kept indoors all their life have a longer life span. Cats, which are kept indoors, can develop obesity and tend to eat more out of boredom. This is because they are not at all exposed to germs, dogs, cars, or other cats, which can harm them when living in wild habitat. Cats shouldn’t be let out unsupervised. Before doing so, the dangers should be evaluated. Another thing to consider is some cats can go into the neighbor’s property and dig out soil or flowerpots. They can even litter and the owner can be fined for that.

Cats that are allowed outside frequently should be checked regularly for any injuries or scratches. They can even receive bites from stray cats if they get into a fight. The injuries should be treated immediately otherwise the infection can spread to other areas of the body and become dangerous. Cats, which have been declawed or have some kind of disability, should never be allowed to go outside alone. An individual should always accompany the cat, since they have lost their weapons of natural defense, they can not protect themselves in case of an attack.

Cats are carnivorous and need high amounts of protein from meat. There are many commercial foods available on the market which can be given to the cat, you should consult with a veterinarian concerning your cats nutritional needs, not all food is created equal or even healthy for your cat. There are many diets designed for them depending on the needs of the individual cat. Along with food, fresh water should be available to them all the time. Cats that have long hair need to be groomed everyday to avoid the hair getting matted. Cats with short hair can be brushed once a week to remove shedding hair.

Before a cat is bought as a pet, they should be vaccinated and neutered. Cats that aren’t neutered show some behavioral problems. Cats that are weaned are the best choice. The young ones need to be fed every four hours and should be kept warm. Cats whether big or small are fond of warmth and that is the reason why they cuddle up and sleep.

The kitten must be taken to the vet when it turns two weeks old. They should be given their first shots and even checked for parasites. Booster shots should be given to them from time to time. Litter box training can be given to them when they grow two weeks old, because young cats learn really fast and easily. A small box can be filled with litter. Whenever the kitten starts scratching the surface, it can be left in the box and that is how it will understand that it has to use the litter box when nature call comes.

A problem for many of the cat owners is that they scratch the furniture around the house. They do it to sharpen their claws and they even react to the owner’s scent coming from the furniture. The cats, which are made to stay indoors most of the times, develop this problem as the cats which live outdoors most of the time can claw on tree bark, fence, etc. Indoor cats need to be provided with a scratching post or even with a log of wood would do. Cats can get really attached to family members. Remember, the more it is fondled and played with, the easier it is to train, put in a carryall, given medicines, etc.

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