About us


Thank you for visiting our new store Sandys Kitty Corner Gifts. Johannah and I are proud to open this new store and do our best to provide quality products and the best customer service that we can.
The reasons for this project are many:
  • We are animal lovers (primarily feline lovers)
  • We wanted to assist local organizations that are passionate and dedicated to helping and rescuing these poor abandoned, neglected and abused creatures.
During the 2007/2008 recession many kitties in our neighborhood were abandoned by their families. At the time there were over 30 cats roaming our streets in search of food, water and shelter from the elements. They were exposed to disease and attack by predators.
We and a few neighbors got together to provide as much support as we could to these poor creatures by providing them with food and homemade shelters. You can learn to put a simple shelter together visiting YouTube and searching for building shelters for feral cats if you're interested.

In Oct of 2012 just prior to the superstorm hurricane Sandy, a gray and white shorthaired kitten snuck into our basement looking for shelter from the storm. When we discovered her, she was terrified, but we continued to provide her with food and water and even a kitty box. Within a few days she wandered into the main house and within a week she adopted us.

We named her Sandy after the storm and she is now a loving member of our family. Unfortunately there are many of these poor creatures throughout the country that are not as lucky as Sandy, that need all of our help. And that is the mission of Sandy's Kitty Corner Gifts.

To not only provide for the animals that we can on a personal level but to provide aid to the other organizations and people dedicated to helping these poor animals and saving more lives.  

If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at sandyskittycornergifts at gmail.com or you can message us at www.facebook.com/sandyskittycorner.