Paracord Items Guarantee

Our  Guarantee

No BS Guarantee

With so many places available to you where you could spend your money, we are grateful that you have chosen us to do business with.  We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with the products and services received from Sandy's Kitty Corner Gifts.  If you ever have any issues at any time, just drop us an email, or message us on our Facebook Page (Sandys Kitty Corner).  We will resolve the issue and take care of you faster than a speeding bullet!

"On the off chance that You Use It, We'll Replace It" Policy

We understand.  Our paracord products look incredible, and many people really like them.   But when a situation arises where you really should unravel your bracelet to do some good like helping someone or God forbid, in a life threatening experience many people sometimes hesitate hoping for an alternative!  We don't want you to do this.  If the cord you have on your wrist could help someone or save a life, we want you to use it and unravel it! We are absolutely serious about this.  We will create you a new one.  This is the deal:

  • If you use your Parachord product in an emergency situation, email us your story with a picture of how you used it to
  • We will create you a new replacement for just the cost of shipping.  Well, you may be asking what qualifies as special situation? Good question, frankly just about anything where you helped someone or yourself. 
    • A tourniquet to stop bleeding after an accident or a sling to support a limb after a fall, Your bracelet is replaced.
    • Unraveling it to use to a capture your neighbors dog than ran off. Your bracelet is replaced
    • Maybe you or a friends tent line broke unravel your bracelet and whala you have a new tent line. Your bracelet is replaced.
    • You or a friend need to tie down an item for transporting and the rope was forgotten well you have a very strong cord you can use on your wrist. Your bracelet is replaced.

We are sure you get the point.  If you use it in an emergency situation or you use it to help someone else, you will get a new one. Just use our Replacement Form.