Reflective pet collars

Handmade parachord Reflective Pet Collars

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Protect your pet at night when you take him for a walk or let him roam with these handmade reflective pet collars. Approximately 3/4 wide with breakaway buckles for cats and standard buckles for small dog collars. The parachord is made with a reflective material within the chord to reflect light so your pet can been seen earlier by any oncoming vehicles. Collars can be weaved with complete reflective chord or a secondary Glow in the dark chord can be used for the edging. Dog collars also come with a D-ring. Please provide your pets neck size and Colors of Choice at time of order. All of our paracord products are US made and weaved in our shop.

To measure your pets neck use a fabric tape measure and measure between your pets ears and shoulders placing one finger between tape measure and pets skin. Do not make it snug but should be a comfortable fit for your pet.

As with all of our paracord products. If you use your pets collar in an emergency just send us your story with a picture of using the chord and we will replace it FREE. (See Replacement policy)

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